Industrial weather grilles

Weather grilles are used in all types of ventilation equipment and protect the outdoor intake or exhaust openings of ventilation equipment against the entry of rainwater into the building under normal weather conditions.
The maximum recommended air speed in the flow area is up to 6 ms-1.


The PŽA-P industrial weather grille consists of a frame and individual blades. The frame and blades are made of galvanized sheet steel. The frame is made of thin-walled profiles, filled with profile blades attached to the side frame. Larger grilles have partitions inserted between the individual rows of blades. The grilles can be installed in the pipes or by means of a wall frame in the wall.
The weather grilles protect the outdoor intake and exhaust openings of ventilation equipment or ventilation openings of buildings and machinery. If necessary, the grilles can be supplemented with two types of screens against the entry of dirt, namely:
❖ Fine screen against insects
❖ Coarse screen against bird intrusion.


Construction-technical certificate
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